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Our Story

Our Story

Bare Bones Prices... Every Day!
Locally owned and operated since 1999, bare bones prices...everyday, over thousands of items available for pick up and/or delivery and factory trained installation available. Appliance Liquidators is a locally owned business which sells new in-the- box product and appliances with dings or dents from the manufacturer at reduced prices. Save 10 to 40% off retail!! (MSRP) We are committed to offering you top name brands like Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE and Whirlpool for kitchen and laundry appliances. Come in and experience personalized one-on-one service that you won't get from big box stores.

We are YOUR source for competitive prices with knowledgeable in-store professionals here to help you every step of the way, whether you need to replace an old appliance, or if you're remodeling and need an entire kitchen full of new brand name products. And, our delivery and installation specialists will assure that your new appliances arrive safely and are installed properly.

Customer Testimonial

I would like to voice a complaint about my recent transaction with your company.

As you check your record, you will find that I purchased a new Maytag Washer and Dryer for my home. Now, you advertised the washer for only $499, which was the price that you gave to me at the time of purchase.

As you may note, I did not come to your store. I live in a rural area of the Sacramento Mountains, in southeastern New Mexico. Near Cloudcroft in Otero County. Well, because of this, you told me I could pick up my purchase at your new location in El Paso, Texas. So, I trusted you.

Your staff called me on October 24th and told me that my merchandise was in fact at the El Paso, Texas store and could be picked up on the 28th.

Well, we went to the store on the 28th. I walked into the store and the gentleman working the floor immediately wanted to know what I needed. I explained to them. Well, with a pleasant smile he told me to pull around to the loading dock after telling me exactly where it was.

So, my wife and I pulled around to the dock. In about 3 minutes the door opened and four men were moving boxes around to be loaded. Then, they loaded them into my trailer and assisted in tying down the boxes.

Now, I will tell you, this is not the way business is done today! Your staff left me no choice but to write this letter. Service at rock bottom prices, along with a staff that does what they say they will do, that is just not the way to treat a customer. with every going just the way as promised, what did you think I would do, just ignore it?

This is the way a customer should be treated and the way that every business should conduct business.

My complaint, oh yes it is a big one. You left me nothing to complain about! Your staff treated my wife and me like we were your best customer of the year!

So, for great service fro every person involved in our transaction, my wife and I would love to say Thank You!

I don't have all the names, but I know it started with Brian taking my phone call and getting the quickest sake in his sales history. Then to the young lady that actually took my information and order and called me twice to let me know what that status was of my order. Then, the four men in El Paso that loaded my products onto my trailer and were so pleasant, they presented an outstanding image of people to work with. Then last but not least, the young lady from the office on El Paso that walked all the way back to the loading docj to make sure everything was going alright and to aks how my wife was doing after her surgery. Now, simply put, that was very nice of her.

So to all the people we dealt with at your company, again I say thank you. Dealing with your company not only saved me more than $600 over the internet price, but it also saved me from any hassles or the fights and battles that we have all become accustomed to when dealing with those "Big Box Stores" and the "Mega Hardware Stores" that sell appliances as well. You know, the places where they say yes until they have your money, and then you find out someone told you wrong.

So, if I may, my wife and I have already told others about how nice it was to deal with your company and we would like to continue.

Well, how dare you not give me heartburn, aggravation or even elevated blood pressure. Where is the fun in dealing with good, pleasant people that do what they say they will do?

Thanks for a great shopping experience and for showing me how to save a buck while dealing with "good people" as well.

Rodger & Jean
Timneron, NM

PS: By the way, you may show or use this letter in part or whole as you like, as you have my permission.